Bamdad Corp

Bamdat was born from a feeling of need and a sports concern. When after several years of professional activity in the field of mountaineering and rock climbing, we wanted to integrate transformation, distinctive quality, charm, beauty and spirit into the hard walls of climbing.

Now we were able to and Bamdat is the leading manufacturer of climbing walls in Iran.

After years of research and implementation of successful plans, we finally started our official activity in 2012 with the efforts of our expert team, which consists of athletes and champions of this sport.

Bammad mountain climbing equipment store is not just a store anymore, our products and activities are as follows:

  • Design, construction and implementation of climbing walls for different uses: professional, recreational and amusement park, military, decor and…
  • Production and sale of climbing clips and volumes
  • Production and sale of TRX strap, climbing simulator, compass board, peg board and creative equipment for bodybuilding and climbing.
  • Equipping children’s play centers with climbing walls, rope games, foam boxes, adventure paths, etc.
  • Production and installation of yoga wall
  • Selling climbing equipment

With the efforts of more than 20 young and capable engineers and technicians, full-time with high and industrial production capacity, we are ready to implement all kinds of projects throughout the country, and we are proud to carry out all the processes of consulting, designing, building and installing climbing walls with We use the most up-to-date technologies in the world.

Bammad’s effort is to create continuous improvement in the development and expansion of its services and products in order to improve the quality and meet the expectations of customers.

Concessionaire: Mohammad Hasan Karbasian


Establishment of Bammad climbing group and private climbing club Holding of Noonhalan Cup competitions Exploration of Bammad climbing site (Dove Valley)


Opening of Bammad Bouldering Club (250 square meters). Sending athletes to competitions, winning national positions and qualifying members to the national mountaineering team Efforts to develop and open the paths of the climbing site of the nature of Bammad


Implementation of the first specialized wall in the field of children in Isfahan Encouraging children’s play centers and kindergartens towards rock climbing | implementation of scattered and false walls and scientific development to improve the quality and quantity of rock climbing walls in Iran and to improve the poor quality walls of the 70s and 80s


Official establishment of Bammad climbing store, production of climbing clips and installation and production of climbing walls Implementation of several new and successful projects in several cities of the country Formation of a dedicated research and development working group consisting of climbers and engineers to improve the quality of climbing walls in Iran (2012 and 2013).


Beginning of extensive activity in the field of design, production and installation of rock climbing wall and related equipment and contracting with large organizations such as the army, IRGC, Ministry of Sports and Youth (1395 and 1396)


Setting up a new and equipped workshop Basic changes in style (2017 and 2018)

Beginning of design, production and installation of yoga walls (yoga wall)


Designing and producing a new style of fun walls

Production of foam boxes (children’s play equipment) suitable for schools, kindergartens, play centers and…

Extensive cooperation with the Mountaineering and Sports Climbing Federation in the field of purchasing climbing wall, volume and clips

The main members of the company

Mohammad Hasan Karbasian


Mojtaba Ghorbani


Awards and achievements

Receiving certificates of appreciation and good work from various organizations and centers such as the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Ministry of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces, physical training and private centers are all evidence of our claim to be customer-oriented and provide unparalleled quality. Dear customers.